Monday, July 2, 2012

Intelligence-driven Security

Is "Intelligence-driven security" the next big thing?

In my first blog post I put a link to Deloitte's paper "Cyber crime: a clear and present danger -- Combating the fastest growing cyber security threat". Just recently I looked over it again and stopped at page 12: "Developing “actionable” cyber threat intelligence" and "Cyber Threat Intelligence Collection Research, and Analysis Process" -- a great picture. That's an old paper.

I really like the recent "Getting ahead of Advanced Threats" report from Security for Business Innovation Council (sponsored by RSA).

Report PDF: Getting Ahead of Advanced Threats

Youtube video: Getting Ahead of Advanced Threats: Achieving Intelligence-driven Security

Blog series about Deconstructing SBIC's "Getting Ahead of Advanced Threats" Report:

  1. Information vs Intelligence
  2. The Importance of the Extended Enterprise
  3. Intelligence-Driven Information Security
  4. Building Sources
  5. Taking Action
  6. A Day In The Life Fighting Cybercrime
As I have mentioned in a previous post, something to really look out for is the Collective Intelligence Framework (CIF). Take a look at the Community examples and maybe even the Avenger Project.

I heard a rumor that CIF will be covered this month in Russ McRee's toolsmith, which is always a great resource, too.

If you know other good resources alike please let me know.

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