Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Free DFIR Summit ticket contest

Sorry guys and gals, the contest ended prematurely and a winner has been chosen and notified already. So no more submissions will be processed.

This may end up being just a temporary blog post for this one reason...

SANS generously offered me a complementary DFIR Summit ticket to invite someone ("my guest"). So I'd like to pass this on to someone who deserves it and otherwise couldn't attend the Summit.

So if you would really like to attend the DFIR Summit (to see my talk) and your employer is not paying for it and you can't afford the $1995 then you should enter the contest or raffle or what should I call it. Also, if you are going to the summit, but a colleague can't go, you can refer them here as well.

There are some requirements to qualify:

You need to be able to attend the Summit on July 9 and 10 in Austin TX. You need to pay for travel and hotel room yourself.

And this requirement from SANS directly:

"The only requirements are that your guest be recommended by you personally, and your guest must reserve his/her own room at the event hotel.  (Note: This special offer applies only to NEW hotel reservations, not existing ones.)"

An Omni hotel reservation must be made before July 1st !

Additionally, use the comment form from this post to apply for the free ticket before Saturday morning and give me the best reason why you deserve it... (any or all of the follwing)

  • give your full name, twitter handle, blog URL or whatever to show your identity
  • list contributions to or collaborations with the DFIR (or IT-sec in general) community with examples
  • list any other good reason you can think of
  • how many adult beverages you're gonna buy me at the summit ;-)

If you want to share some information only with me and not publically, please clearly state (which part) in your comment, since they are moderated.

I will decide on Saturday evening (10 pm UTC+2) who will get the spot and notify them. Hotel booking would need to be done on Sunday.

I just like to give someone a chance to attend the DFIR Summit who otherwise could not.

So please spread the word and may the best (most deserving) person win the free ticket!



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